Your OWN perfect custom tee! 

So here's the deal... when it comes to our custom tee's, they are CRAZY sporadic in their sizes and unpredictable in how they will fit on you. 

Originally the best way to get one was at our live shows... BUT HERE'S WHERE IT GET'S GOOD! We’re making a way for you to send in your favorite shirt, hoodie or sweater for us to print on!  Their are 5 different options here on our webstore for you to choose from logo wise and if we feel like the shirt needs a little more pizzazz we'll add some extra spice. SO... the way this works is that you will ship your shirt to:


Dawson Hollow Merch

105 Main Street

Sweet Springs, MO 65351


before the 14th of december and we will get them to you ASAP for the holidays!!! 

If you have any specifications please write them on a note inside the package including the address that we need to ship the items back to!! 

Name Cube