indie folk rock

Dawson Hollow is a home and a memory. The place where 5 siblings shared youthful experiences of scuffed knees, climbing trees, dreaming dreams, and falling in love with music… 

Today, Dawson Hollow lives on as an indie-folk band whose music encompasses the nostalgia of folk while channeling the urgent and intoxicating energy of indie-rock. Their unique and invigorating music brings alive a contagious passion that is too powerful to be ignored and leaves listeners energized, refreshed and feeling like they’ve finally met someone who “gets” them.

Their Debut Album "Boy Of My Youth" released in January of 2018.  Singles “Lonesome Wolf” and “Take Me There” released in October and November of 2017.

Most recently releasing single "Summer Snow" , this song jumped onto over a thousand individual playlists within its first 30 days of release.

Coming the first and fourteenth of January 2020, we're releasing a double single with both a lyric video and music video. You heard it here first! 

Hope to see you down the road! 

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